Friday, 31 July 2015


Genevieve's story can be traced back to the hive planet of Necromunda. Born as raised as a member of the Escher house, Genevieve moved up through the ranks swiftly, showing an aptitude for combat both at range and in close quarters, it was not long before she reached the rank of chieftain, leading her followers deeper into the hive. Here she formed the gang that would become to be known as Genevieve Undead.

Following a tip off, Genevieve and her gang tracked down a convoy of merchants moving valuable goods of various nature through the under hive. When they tried to ambush the convoy, they found that betrayal was at hand, the information had been fed to them by a rival gang who had instead ambushed them. Barely getting away with her own life, Genevieve saw the rest of her gang wiped out.

Vowing to take revenge, Genevieve took to the life of a bounty hunter, no job was out of her domain and no target too big. Word of Genevieve's success spread far, getting wind of this was the Wolf. He had use of a bounty hunter and made Genevieve an offer to join him so she may pursue her quarry, but this time backed up by a small army that was forming behind them.

It turned out that this arrangement was very beneficial, for it was Genevieve who tracked down the pirate known as the Captain amongst many other of the Wolf's current followers.


  1. Ace model! One of my favourites!Cool hat!

  2. Yeh the hat was influenced by one of my favourite Blanche images, that and one of my favourite models of yours too Julian!