Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Collector

The first of my real attempts at stepping up my game to the next level. . .
This model originally started out life as a Cairn Wraith that I bought on a whim with the intention of converting him some day. The idea came together when I was at work one day, I had a vision of some sort of Mechanicum priest who wanders the battlefields of the 41st millennium collecting things of interest, in this case a skull. 

To make it more interesting I decided to use a powerfist as I liked the idea of a massive fist holding the skull in a delicate way. Other parts came together as I progressed, adding on the banner from a Dark Elf Corsair to add interest, the transportation unit started off life as a Tyranid tail of some sort and this was spliced with a Dark Eldar Hellion Skyboard cut up to make the base unit.  

His little assistant was a last minute addition to make the base more interesting before taking him to Golden Demon last year, just as an excuse to show him off :-). The assistant was simply built from a Nurgling body, a Wood Elf Dryad head piece and a Dark Eldar rifle cut down to size. 

Although I didn't get anywhere in the competition (no surprise there as I'm still trying to improve my painting a lot), I did have an amazing and surprising day that made it more than worthwhile bringing the Collector along.

I hope you like him, comments are welcome. . .

Below, Ive added on some new improved photos of The Collector, like this blog, miniature photography is a learning curve all of it's own, hopefully I'll get there someday. . .


  1. Hey Gabe! Awesome idea for the site. Fantastic to see the collector model again. Looked awesome at Gamesday and i remember John being very impressed!
    Looking forward to seeing your next project posted on here!

  2. Thanks Julian, somewhat pleased to have my first ever comment from you to say the least! I'll hopefully be putting up some of my other 'finished' models on here next, keep an eye out for my next secret project on here in the near future, maybe even with wip shots as I go. . . :-)

  3. Looks like John himself made this mini !

  4. That's an amazing compliment Manu!

  5. Wow, a great piece of Blanchitsu. The banner looks just like JB's art! I love the concept of 'the collector' - eccentric and covetous. I guess there's a little bit of him in every one of us fans of Games Workshop!

    Good luck with the new blog. I've just started my own too!

  6. Thanks for the comments. Feel free to leave your blog address and I'll have to check it out. . .

  7. please drop by -