Sunday, 2 August 2015

Early WIP update

I've made some small adjustments based on your comments Julian, think you were right, so decided to scrape the area back rather than greenstuff over the top, will hopefully all come together in the painting stages. . .



  1. It was more a case of nit being able to see it very clearly, but if my comment helped great! Any ideas for what to use for her hands?

  2. I've got some dark eldar arms that look like they should work out about right, hopefully they'll work to the scale and still remain feminine too, got some cool ideas lined up for weapons too. . .

  3. Wow mate, looks like you're as fast as I am for kitbashing ! Sorry, but I can't put a comment on any of your updates ! Just some awesome work, all around.... Regards, Legatho / Manu