Thursday, 8 October 2015

Miniature painting heresy!

I know I've been quiet on here for a little while and it is partly because of my unashamed startling revelation of miniature painting heresy of sorts. . . You see I recently have bought myself an airbrush!  This may come as some surprise to those who know me and know my style of painting, you needn't worry though I have no intention of abandoning my roots though. I'm moreover looking to add something new and exciting to my painting so keep an eye out for that, also I hope to increase my productivity, so I can finally show off some of my other projects that have been waiting in the wings for a while, I look forward to coming back to show off some of these wonders ;) . . . Also, I hope to produce some more conventional 2d art as a result so will show off anything worthy, you heard it here first. . .