Saturday, 25 July 2015

Strassix & Thorbax

Gene brothers though they are, the 2 abhumans known as Strassix and Thorbax both took two very different paths.

Strassix was adopted by the Mechanicum and refitted for a role as a battlefield techseer, as part of this augmentative sight was given to him, the most telling part of the augmentation process was the fitting of antigrav motors so that he would freely float without the need of legs to move about. Tasked with the maintenance of the teams plasma weaponry, stars ensures that they are readily equipped to deal with any foe no matter how well armoured.

Throbax was assigned to an Astra Militarum assault unit specialising in ship to ship boarding actions, it was during one of these actions that he lost his left lower leg, when in a combined assault with Space Marines from the Space Wolves chapter, a Xenos monster of unknown origin removed his leg in it's mouth, needless to say, this did not go down well with Thorbax, who preceded to plunge his chainsword into the creatures head and then fire his plasma gun straight into the creatures maw. To commemorate the occasion, he then removed one of the creature's horns which was later grafted on to replace his missing lower leg.

These were 2 relatively simple conversions, Strassix was another model based on the awesome Cairn Wraith model, this time I only swapped out the head for a suitable beastman alternative and attached a plasma gun as well as various wires hanging down. Likewise, Thorax was similarly a simple conversion, removing the lower leg then replacing it with what I believe was the horn from a chaos knight's horse, then simply attaching a plasma gun and chainsword.


  1. These guys are gggrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttttttttttt! ( read like the frosties tiger!)
    Cool background story and ace conversions, very original work! Are they going to be part of a inquisitor type warband?

  2. These are all part of a single kill team, so yeh pretty much right on with what you described, the rest of the minis will be posted up on the blog in due course, eventually with a full group photo too. . .

  3. The horn instead of the leg is a great idea !

  4. Yeh, I wanted to switch it up a bit to give him a bit more character.