Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Mentor

I mentioned previously that I owed a lot to my mentor and that they were of of the inspirations behind me starting this blog.  As someone who needs no introduction in the world of model painting and converting, especially in the world of the John Blanche inspired modeller, I am proud to introduce my mentor as Julian Bayliss. 

I have to credit Julian with the evolution of my painting and converting and with being a great friend too. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Julian initially by chance, after which Julian has helped me greatly with a lot of my projects.

Previously I mentioned the great time that I had at Golden Demon last year, entering was fun in itself, seeing the great models was pretty awesome, also getting to meet some of the artists and sculptures from GW was also awesome. What really made the day for me, was meeting up with Julian and being able to hang out and chat about the entries in the competition and also meet some other excellent painters too.

What I didn't expect is after we had collected out entires, I managed to get to do something that topped the possibility of recognition in the competition. I was quite amazed when Julian unexpectedly said that he was going to talk to one of my greatest inspirations in John Blanche and that I could come along to meet him too. This in itself was great, then Julian encouraged me to show John my model, The Collector and John really liked it much to my amazement!

Anyway, before and since then Julian continues to inspire me greatly, so with Julian's permission, I would like to show you a few of my favourite models of his. . .


  1. You have the power to make a grown man cry! Shame on you sir! Lol.
    Very kind words mate and so pleased i have been of some help to you. It was a great day at Games day this year and we all had a lot of fun. John didn't like your model, he loved it! So don't be so modest! Lol. Keep up the fantastic ideas and work!

  2. Thanks Julian! I say it how I see it, nice to give something back once in a while.