Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Triplets

Amelia, Jessamyn & Elisha were born as triplets on the death world of Stryzix IV. Growing up they were as normal as anyone could be living in such a hostile environment, over time this began to change. As Elisha grew older so did her latent psychic abilities grow too. Word of this reached the Inquisition, as the colonists were not happy to have a rogue psycher in their midst.

Arrival of the Black Ship came to late to stop the inevitable, being unprotected from the attentions of the powers in the warp, Elisha eventually succumbed to the attentions of a daemonic spirit, this transformed her, still alive into a living daemon host with terrible power, the daemon however did not fully subvert Elisha to it's will and so she remained having some control over her new powers.

Upon arrival of the great ship, another surprise was in store for the crew, Elisha's transformation was to be expected, what was not to be expected was the shear ferocity and devotion that Elisha's 2 sisters showed in defending her when the Black Ship crew came for her. Every effort to subjugate the sisters was met with failure.

As luck would have it, a priest who only went by the name of The Wolf, was aboard that ship on that fateful day. Seeing the potential in the sisters, The Wolf offered to take them under his wing, so to speak, knowing full well the usefulness of such dedicated allies to have by his side.

Amelia & Jessamyn were inducted into a death cult, to hone their already potent skills, however they were never separated from their sister, more fool anyone else foolish enough to try again. . .


  1. WOW! Fantastic story and amazing minis! When did you get these beauties done!

  2. Had these a little while now, all part of my Inquisitorial kill team I made, for a trip to Warhammer World, little excuse to go crazy converting minis!